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Поле DCЗначенняМова
dc.contributor.authorGolik, Volodymyr-
dc.contributor.authorRazorenov, Yurii-
dc.contributor.authorMorkun, Volodymyr-
dc.contributor.authorМоркун, Володимир Станіславович-
dc.contributor.authorМоркун, Владимир Станиславовичuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorMorkun, Nataliauk_UA
dc.contributor.authorМоркун, Наталя Володимирівнаuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorМоркун, Наталья Владимировнаuk_UA
dc.identifier.citationSimulation of deposit parameters in underground development mining / V. Golik, Y. Razorenov, V. Morkun, N. Morkun // E3S Web of Conferences (Berdiansk, Ukraine, September 4–8, 2018). – Berdiansk, 2018. – Vol. 60. – 8 p. – (Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering). – References: p. 7–8.uk_UA
dc.identifier.issn2267-1242 (Online)-
dc.description.abstractThe article is aimed at improving development mining to prepare an ore body for stoping by access ramps to provide comfortable conditions and high technical and economic indices in underground mining. Efficient parameters of underground mining are chosen in the course of simulating data on the mining theory and practice considering ore losses and dilution on the basis of critical analysis of uranium mining enterprises’ activities. The research provides data on geological and engineering zoning of an ore deposit and physical-mechanical properties of ore bearing rocks. The advanced experience is systemized and there is provided system analysis of modern development mining schemes with access ramps (ring, spiral, one-way inclined, central inclined and across the strike). The research recommends schemes of development mining and substantiates their advantages. There are quantitative indices of physical simulation of development variants as to drawn ore quality according to criteria of soil location in ore draw points. The scientific novelty implies developing the criterion of optimality and ranking variants of development mining according to technical-economic and geomechanical indices considering some technological factors as well as the number of stopes operating simultaneously on the level. The study consists in increasing authenticity of development projects through applying complex schemes of access ramps according to the complex criterion of increasing mining depths, equipment application, ventilation and underground mine capacity.uk_UA
dc.publisherEDP Sciencesuk_UA
dc.subjectunderground mininguk_UA
dc.subjectdevelopment mininguk_UA
dc.titleSimulation of deposit parameters in underground development mininguk_UA
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